Rembrandt's Monkey Died!

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Rembrandt's monkey died!


Family Group


Oil on canvas, 126 x 167

Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum, Braunschweig

Pictures may be seen here;

It is very easy to be seen by some in this painting when pointed out to them. Let just say for instance, if your own pet monkey was to die in the exact same circumstances, and you were him, how would you place you dead monkey for his final portrait? Would you lay him on his belly face down or tie him from a rope hanging from the rafters,... No,.... you more than likely would have done exactly as Rembrandt did, lying his pet across some soft materials softly on his back in a way that he could paint him into this painting's canvas to where it could be hidden, and at the same time, still be seen by himself.

Now after saying this,... let us examine this fine work of art that was left partially un-finished. The un-finished part is the head of the household who had jumped around this large canvas against Rembrandt's rules to discover his own suspicions. He refused to accept the painting with the dead monkey painted onto the canvas, and Rembrandt proceeded in throwing their family out of his house. True story! Now if we look close, there is only the head of the head of the household. You might say that is one marvelous looking hand painted right under the nose of his oldest daughter. Do you think it is possible that Rembrandt might have been making a statement here?

To locate this very close friend of the artist, one must use ones imagination, to comprehend what was ju

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