Report on WWF Essay

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report on WWF

The president Bill Clinton was born and raised in Arkansas. He went to high school and
became very smart. The he went to a college by the name of Princeton. He earned his degree
in the business section. He was 44 when he became president of the United States. He
helped out the states with the wars and battles of America.

He was held of cheating on his wife. Denied it and went on with the world and didn't
bother with the rumors spread by Monica Lewinski. He did the right thing and kept on going
with the power of the world and didn't let the headaches by the media and people
surrounding him bother the fact that he was president and had better activities and
progress of the world association to worry about.

The fight with the Middle East was a real problem for the United States. People were being
held hostage and were being killed by Sudam Hussieum. There were many visitors from
America that was killed by explosives. Many people died in fires.

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