Reservoir Dogs

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Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs is a gangster movie with a difference. Instead of the gangsters being portrayed as slick professionals who always stay calm and collected, they are portrayed realistically. Reservoir Dogs is about a group of 5 professional thieves who attempt to rob a jewellery store. However, one of the team, Mr Orange (played by Tim Roth) is an undercover police officer. After the group enter the jewellery store and employee turns on an alarm and one of the men, Mr Blonde starts shooting the staff and customers, before the police get there, and the team escapes by stealing cars and shooting police officers dead. When the surviving members of the team rendezvous at a warehouse, debate begins regarding who the 'rat' is.

In the movie, the story as outlined above is not presented in such a linear way. The movie begins with the team members dining with the boss, Joe at a restaurant, a comical scene where they are light-heartedly discussing the meaning of the song "Like a Virgin" and why society demands that people tip waitresses. However, the mood of this film dramatically changes after the introductory credits when the scene is changed to a stolen car, where Mr Orange is in the back seat screaming "I'm gonna fucking die!", clutching at his bloody wound is his belly. This sets the scene for the rest of the movie that occurs after the robbery, as most of what happens is arguments between various people as to who the 'rat' is, often leading to threats, and more than once, the 'teammates' draw their guns on each other, and in the end, Joe (the boss), Big Eddie (Joe's son) are killed in a triangular shooting over whether or not Orange is the 'rat'.

The non-lineal sequence of events is not at all confusing, and adds to the interest and intrigue as the movie progresses. This movie would not have been so acclaimed, had it followed the traditional sequence, wh

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