Resistance Of A Wire

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Resistance of a wire

Resistance of a wire

Aim: To investigate how much resistance runs through 3 different wires at different lengths.

In This investigation I am going to use 3 wires, 2 of the same material e.g. (copper) and use 2 of the same thickness. I am trying to find out how much resistance runs through the wires. I am planning to use 2 Nickel (Nichrome) and 1 copper and the thicknessí 26 SWG and 34 SWG. Resistance is a measure of how hard it is to get a component (wire) at a potential difference or voltage and it is measured in ohms.
In the wire, you get resistance when electrons flow through it.
If the electrons are stopped or held up in any way then their flow will be decreased and current will decrease and the resistance will increase.
Electrons collide with metal atoms and they are slowed down making the resistance slow down so it will tell us how many metal atoms there are in the wire. The wire can also get warm/hot because of the flow of the electrons so this could potentially be unsafe as I will explain later. You can calculate resistance using ohms law but firstly you need to know the voltage and the current because you need to divide the 2 to find out the resistance.
I predict that if the wire is longer the more resistance there will be and the shorter the wire the less resistance because the electrons will not have as far to go meaning they will not have to collide with many metal atoms as they would have to if they travel further. There is an exception though and that is the variables what I will be explaining further on such as the voltage of the battery which would send more electrons out if the voltage is high. I believe this because metals are good conductors and its easy for electrons to travel through metals and also that itís the same as if you calculated how much you could run through plants and leaves, you would hit less if you have to travel a shorter distance whereas if you travel further you will hit more. This is basically the same with t

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