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E nglish 3 Alan King
Resolutions essay 1/6/00

We have just recently entered a new millennium. The start of a new millenium means to me
a new start. I hope to turn my life around and try not to be so defiant, and just get
along with everyone. So here are my resoultions for this year, the year 2005, and the end
of the decade.

My personal resolutions for this yearare not too complex. I hope to keep my grades at a
sterdy grade somewhere around an A or a B. I shall follow through on this resolution
by doing all of my class and homework and studying for all of my tests and quizes. Also I
will start to pay attention more in class because that is the thing teachers hate the
most. My other resolution for this year is to not be such an annoyance to my family,
friends, and teachers. I will do this by just trying to be chill and not so hyper.
Hopefully when I do this I will be more enjoyable to be around and liked more by my peers.

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