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Reading Response on Stereotypes
Forgiveness is a trait that is not only requested, but also demanded of Jesus, the Lord of
this planet and all time. This essay, "Fu Manchu on Naboo," simply shows that the author
will not forgive society do to his self-inflicted blindness that stereotypes are aimed to
maim. I believe that stereotypes can and are used in different circumstances to portray
history, a certain era in time, or perhaps an entirely different race or origin. I believe
that too often people take stereotypes personally, rather that realizing that it is only a
description of an actors' part. Reading between the lines is necessary of any critical
argument, but taking a criticism that extra step in suggesting that it in some way affects
today's society is almost ludicrous.

I do believe in equal rights not only for African Americans but also for women, Asians,
Mexicans, etc. Even children and the elderly should receive the same rights as young and
middle aged adults. However, I do not think that any piece of work should be judged for
what it is not.

Star Wars, for example, is a sci-fi drama/action movie; not a documentary. Some things are
supposed to be make believe; that's what makes it so great. If Jar Jar were to take his
costume off and go relieve himself behind a bale of hay while eating chicken, then that
would make it not so "sci-fi" and would be held accountable to this authors' ticky
criticism. I believe that things should be take literally, if at all possible, and
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