Results and Conclusions Essay

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Results and Conclusions

Results and Conclusions:

Part 1

Closing the ports changed the color of the flame. Depending on the color of the flame is
the combustion. When the flame was orange is had incomplete combustion, when the ports
were closed and the flame turned blue, it had complete combustion which is wanted.
Turning the needle valve at the bottom of the burner adjusted its height. A lower flame
was needed more because it was more controlled and easier to work with, and using the
needle valve accomplished this. When burning the evaporation dish, if an orange flame was
used, the dish turned black because o incomplete combustion. Because carbon is produced
from a yellow or orange flame, the bottom of the dish turned black. The copper wire, when
held in the flame, changed color. If it was held at the very tip of the blue cone, it
turned bright red in heat. The best flame therefore, was a flame that had a blue cone in
the center bottom.

Part 2

The best way to cut the glass used in Glass Manipulations is by sawing it harshly in the
same place with a file. By cutting into the glass and making a ridge with the file, it
became easier to break. When fire polishing the glass, it turned its harsh edges into
smooth rounder ones. The fire melted the sharp ends into smooth workable ones. When the
glass was being bent it was easier to maneuver in the heat of the flame. The flame made
the glass weaker and therefore more flexible The lubricant was used to insert the glass
tubing, making the insertion easier and less of a hassle. Because the lubricant was used,
the glass slide in more comfortable, and the worry of it snapping was reduced.

Part 3

The slick surface of the glazed paper is preferred over regular paper. Chemicals slide
easily off this paper, so when the salt was poured into the funnel, the glazed paper
provided a slicker surface, allowing the salt to slide down it.

Part 4

Chemicals are never allowed to touch the surface of the balance pan, therefore a weighing
dish or paper had to be used underneath it. When using an electronic balance, the balance
should first read 0.00 meaning there are to be 2 decimal places. The two decimal places
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