Review of 8220the Credible Shrinking Room Essay

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Review of 8220the Credible Shrinking Room

Review of “the Credible Shrinking Room:
Very Young Children’s Performance With Symbolic and
Nonsymbolic relations”

This study is performed on 2.5 year olds, and tests their ability to use their knowledge of the
location of a toy (Troll-doll named “Terry”) in a room (tent-like, with various pieces of common
household furniture) to draw deductions as to where a miniature toy is located in a model replica
(same fabrics, materials, etc.) of said room.
There were two conditions. The 17 children in the nonsymbolic condition believed that a
“shrinking machine” had caused the room the become smaller, whereas the 15 children in the
symbolic condition were told that the smaller room represented the larger room. The question is
whether the children would be able to associate the smaller room with the larger one, thus utilizing
knowledge of symbols. The hypothesis is that because the scale model of the room is so interesting
an object, the children will be unable to look at it while simultaneously thinking about its relation
to the other room.
In the symbolic task, the children were shown the large and small dolls, large and small
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