Review Of Demian By Hesse Essay

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Review Of Demian By Hesse

How to be Enlightened

A Review of Demian, by Hermann Hesse

How does one become enlightened? Some would say, deep meditation, others would say, some
long mystical journey that involves some spiritual guide. I think that the best person to
study for that question would be Hermann Hesse. Hesse has written many books, involving
profound ideas on the subject of enlightenment. One great book is Demian. I found three
ways to become enlightened.

The first is that we must look at the bible/religion as a whole. Emil Sinclair realized
that God is not just heavenly but also evil. After all he created hell and all the factors
that lead up to the dark side. "...I mean we ought to consider everything sacred, the
entire world, not this artificially separated half..." (51). It made me think that we need
to see that if God is real, he is the biggest puppet master in the universe, setting up
bad plays for his own amusement, such as the crucifixion of his son, which was a
questionable way of proving something to mankind.
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