Rights duties and freedoms Essay

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rights duties and freedoms


Under the Human Rights Act 1998, which came into force in October 2000, there are certain
rights and freedoms that are protected. The significance of this act is to offer legal
rights to everyone in a democratic country. The United Kingdom does not have a written
constitution, this is very unusual in a democracy, and our rights and freedoms have
traditionally been protected by a presumption that we are free to do anything that is not
covered by a specific forbidding law or piece of legislation. Under the Human Rights Act
we now have that written confirmation of our rights, duties and freedoms. Anyone
withholding those rights, for example wrongful imprisonment or racism is now liable for
prosecution and possible imprisonment.

A citizen acquires certain rights at certain ages.

Sue for personal injury From birth
Watch a film with 'U' classification 5
Watch a 'PG' film with parents or guardian 5
Drink alcohol at home, if an adult provides it. 8
Fully criminally responsible 10
Be given a supervision order as a criminal sanction 10
Legally capable of rape 10
Be sent to a Secure training centre as a criminal sanction 12
Consent to sex, but if an adult obliges they are guilty of a criminal offence 13
Drink alcohol in a licensed premises if it is with a meal 16
Marry with judicial/ parental consent 16
Consent to heterosexual sex 16
Purchase cigarettes 16
Drive a car 17
Marry without consent 18
Have homosexual relations 18
Sent to prison 18
Make a will 18
Eligible to vote 18
Full legal rights in contract 18
Buy alcohol 18
Buy fireworks 18
Be tattooed 18

Human Rights

· Art (2) * Right to life
· Art (3) * Forbidding of torture
· Art (4) * Forbidding of slavery
· Art (5) Right to liberty
· Art (6) Right to a fair trail
· Art (7) * Prohibition on retrospective criminal offences
· Art (8) Right to respect for private and family life
· Art (9) Freedom of thought and expression
· Art (10) Freedom of expression
· Art (11) Freedom of assembly and association
· Art (12) Right to marry
· Art (14)*Freedom from discrimination
*Are absolute, they cannot be interfered with, others can be restricted in certain
circumstances (up to the government of the day).

The acts states that a public authority must act according to the rights given by the
convention, any person who feels they have suffered a breach may sue that authority, as in
the case of wrongful arrest or imprisonment, over the past number of years there have been
many such cases of prisoners being released from prisons on these grounds, with large,
often excessive as some might say, amounts of compensation paid to those released. A
public authority includes courts, councils, tribunals but not parliament.

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