Road less traveled Essay

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road less traveled

The Road Less Traveled
By: Scott M. Peck

The Road Less Traveled by Scott M. Peck was a very interesting book to examine and read as
well. The book opened up with a very subtle and truthful sentence. It stated that life is
difficult. This raised certain thoughts and questions to society. What is the reasoning
behind our difficulties and obstacles we encounter in our lifetime? How can life become
bliss and serene? Although many questions derive from such a blunt sentence, the universal
question that the author was trying to instill while reading this book was what prevents
us from achieving our full potential as human beings? What keeps us from solving our
emotional, spiritual, and psychological problems? Scott M. Peck believes that the
conceptual ideas of discipline, love, growth and religion, and finally grace all bind
together to provide the answers to these questions.

While I opened the book and began to read, the first-level reply is given in the first
section of the book. It is said that we as a society and human beings lack discipline.
When a problem is aroused and present, we as humans fail to confront and face them. We
fail to solve our personal problems because it either is too painful, difficult, a time
consuming process, or we just fail to do so because of our nature. The first section of
this book is a discussion of what discipline is, how a person learns or fails to learn the
idea of discipline, and how it applies to the basic problems of living. The second section
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