Robert Capa Essay

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Robert Capa

Robert Capa

Robert Capa was born in Budapest, hungary in 1913. Robert Capa is most known for his
photographs in war. Known for obtaining photos taken during a war that shows what it is
like to be in a war. Showing things like the hardships that soldiers have to endure and
the suffering of people whose homes and cities were destroyed as a result of war. His
photos are divided into three categories: images of battle, images of the effect of war on
individual soldiers and civilians, and the images of peace. As the photographer, he did
more than just sit back and take the pictures, he also participated, getting as close as
he could to the action just to take a good picture. He died sometime in 1954 by stepping
on a land mine.

In the time of World War I the standard camera used by war photographers was the
medium-sized bellows extended Graflex with four by-five inch plates. This camera, being
fairly large made making candid shots and maneuvering in dangerous situations impossible.
Later the 35 mm Leica allowed Capa to do these things. The camera allowed him to be
inconspicuous and have a large capability of movement. With this camera he was able to
jump into battles to take pictures that no one else was ever able to take.

One of the main things that Robert Capa tried to capture were the emotions of his
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