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Robert Frost1

The life of Robert Frost is a long and meandering tale. It begins in a small rural town
in California, where his father and mother had moved because of their hate of New England.
Robert’s father was a very influential man that had come from a well to do family back
east. In 1885 Robert’s father choose to run for a Government office in California, and
lost to a narrow margin. He became so depressed and enraged he went on a week long
drinking binge and disappeared. When he resurfaced he had become very ill, and died soon
after leaving the family no insurance policy, and many debts to pay. The Frost family,
which consisted now of his mother, sister, and himself, were forced to move back to New
England where they could depend on family for help.

Rob spent his child hood living with his mother, moving through towns, much more than any
normal child would have to at that age. For some time the family was absolutely poverty
struck, and relied totally on the generosity of Rob’s deceased father’s family. Once the
family settled down, Robert began to excel in his studies, and became very determined to
succeed. When high school had ended for Robert Frost he went to college at Dartmouth, and
soon discovered his love for the English language and poetry. Although the schedule at
Dartmouth was far from what Rob needed to place pressure on his learning abilities. He
soon feared that with his current state he would never be able to reach the goals that he
had set for himself. After his freshman year, he convinced his mom that Dartmouth had
nothing more to offer him, and he applied to Harvard and was accepted. In this time
period Frost met his soon to be wife Eleanor as well.

Frost soon married and moved away entirely form the security of his mom, and into the
world on his own. Although little did Frost know that his life in the outside world would
be very harsh to him. The first problem Frost came about, was a mysterious illness that
was very painful and debilitating to the young man. When the problems continued Frost
went to get his problem checked out, although nothing could be found wrong. The Doctor
told him that his illness was a stress induced one, a thing that happens to young men that
have far to much on there minds and do not get enough stress reducing activity. It was
very clear that Frost had been under a lot of stress, attempting to handle a new family,
as well as go to Harvard. Frost well knowing that he could not continue to live his life
with this pain, decided to take a leap into the farming business. This type of work would
be very stress reducing to the young man, and give him the time he needed to raise his new

Frost was well aware that he knew nothing of the art of farming, and hoped that it was
something that he could pick up on. He once again went to his Grandfather for money, and
his grandfather gave it to him, at fair interest. His first farm did not show him any
returns in profit, and all he had to show for it was more empty pockets. Robert’s new
farm did return his health back to him, and he was feeling better than he ever had in his
life. Just as things seemed to be looking up for Frost, in October, his son Elliot became
ill. The first doctor that he was brought to diagnosed him with nothing more than an
infection, and Elliot’s conditions worsened. In a week the Frost’s sent for a new doctor,
who regretfully told them that their son had cholera and would die within the night.

Roberts urge to live was entirely gone with the lose of his son. Frost and his wife soon
lost faith in a god that could do such a horrible thing to an innocent boy. They moved to
another farm, which they purchased again with Robert’s Grandfather. As winter rolled
around, Frost became more depressed by the lose of life of Mother Nature itself. Frost
became very suicidal during those months after his son’s death. Robert Frost survived
those deep and depressing nights, and as spring rolled around the Frost’s luck began to

Robert’s Grandfather soon died, later that spring and left all he had to his grandson and
his wife. Although the money was to be paid in annual amounts of 400 dollars to his wife
and 500 to himself, it was a step out of the hole. He soon found himself a job teaching
English at Pinkerton Academy. This job lead to bigger and better things for Frost and his
wife, and soon they were gaining some respect among the community. In 1906 Frost realized
that he and his family not only needed a change in housing but a change in the country
that they were residing. That spring on no more than a gut feeling Frost took his family
and moved them to a Suburb in England. In England Frost was finally able to find the life
that he needed to focus on writing, and he began writing his first book. With in the year
A Boy’s Will was complete and soon was being published. Frost continued in his writing,
and soon came out with another book, North of Boston. Life had finally picked up for
Frost, and when he returned to the States, he was a well-known and respected poet as well
as author.

From this point on in Frost’s life, his writing carrier flourished with few to little
difficulties. He began teaching at many respectable colleges, such as Amherst, and made
appearances at Harvard as well. Robert Frost lived a long and fruitful life, in which he
went on to become America’s poet laureate, as well as National bard, and one of the best
loved poets in the United States. He died at the age of eight-eight, a very respected
man, and a legend in his own time.

Frost had many experiences that gave him a great perspective on life. Although none of
his experiences influenced him more than his years that he lived on his farm in Derry.
This was a time period in Frost’s life where he was able to discover who he was. His
poem, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”, was a recollection back on one of the harder
periods in his life.

In “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”, he talks about his experiences of stopping by
the pond and having thoughts to suicide. He mentions in the poem, the frozen lake, in the
lines, ”Between the woods and frozen lake/ the darkest evening of the year”. Then in the
final quatrain Frost says, “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, / But I have promises to
keep, / And miles to go before I sleep, / And miles to go before I sleep”. Frost in these
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