Robinson Carusoe Essay

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Robinson Carusoe

Robinson Crusoe by: Daniel Defoe, tells the story, naturally, of Robinson Carusoe a young
man who disregards the advice of his father about the value of middle-class religion and
instead searches for adventure.

Robinson Carusoe is a man touched by wanderlust. He ignores the advice of his father to
seek a temperate middle class life and instead chooses to sail the seas. His father
steadfastly refuses to give consent to such a thing, and goes so far as to claim that if
Crusoe goes to sea God will not bless him. When Crusoe's earliest voyages seem to bear out
this prediction, one almost killing him in a storm and another landing him in slavery, it
seems Crusoe should heed his father's advice and return home. Crusoe pays no mind,
however, and ends up the sole survivor of a shipwreck on a deserted island. Through his
own ingenuity and by salvaging what he can from the wrecked ship, Crusoe manages to

Soon he begins to make himself tools, domesticate sheep, crow corn and barley, and
generally prosper. At first, he curses his fate. But then, coming upon a Bible he saved
from the ship, he begins to think more profoundly about religion and Providence, and comes
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