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robinson crusoe1

Daniel Defoe’s most famous novel was published in 1719 with the full title, The Life and
strange and surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. It is based, in fact, upon the
experiences of Alexander Selkirk who had run away to sea in 1704 and requested to be left
on an uninhabited island to be rescued five years later. Defoe himself was in his late
fifties when he wrote the book, which is often considered to be the first English novel.
Crusoe ends up on a desert island in the manner of Selkirk.With only a few supplies from
the ship he builds a house, a boat and a new life. His island is not wholly uninhabited,
though, and there is the exciting but ominous presence of cannibals who Crusoe
occasionally encounters and saves a native from. The latter becomes his servant, Man
Friday. The crew of a mutinying ship finally rescue our hero, but it is his adventure on
the island that interests us. The story has remained popular ever since its publication
and it spawned two sequels: later in 1719 with The Farther Adventures of Robinson Crusoe
and a third part, The Serious Reflections of Robinson Crusoe, in 1720 which consisted of
moral essays. The first novel, though, is particularly notable for its detailed
verisimilitude allowing us to believe in the situation - something assisted by the
uncomplicated language used by the author.

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