Roman Warfare Essay

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Roman Warfare

During the period of a.d. 350 - 425 the Roman empire was engaged in advanced forms of
warfare. The history of Roman warfare during the late periods and during the medival
periods has had much study. History of the Roman army of the 4th and 5th centuries is less
comprehensive. The book "Warfare in Roman Europe ad 350-425" provides some insight onto
the important military and social aspects of the subject.

Economic and social factors play a part in the history of Roman warfare. Many barbarian
tribes lived along the borders of the roman empire. Although many attacks by the Barbaric
tribes occured, it was in the fourth and fifth centuries that the attacks began to
overload the Roman defense. Many tribes existed with distinct similarities. It was their
economic and social conditions that relate to the attacks on the Romans. Many of the
tribes were nomadic or semi-nomadic. Economic situations were a product of their
environment. As the people moved their economic situation would change.

In the fifth century several groups of barbarians had moved inside the Roman empire. They
had no formal recognition and no fixed home, but before this this the Barabrians had no
land to farm, and no secure area. They had no need for urban life, unless they used Roman
administrative institutions. The Barbarians only made a threat to the Roman empire when
several groups united to form a stronger group. So therefore, it seem the barbarians were
more a nuicense than a real threat most of the time because Roman Empire was so strong.

The Barbarians had their view of the Roman Empire as a place of opportunity. Because the
Romans had so much wealth. Seems to be the reason for many conflicts all through history.
The Barbarians were jealous of the wealth of the Romans, so they have frequent military
conflict. It is not known just how frequent, but history can tell us that there was many.
Perhaps what made the Roman military so strong was it was very organise.the Late romans
was into two groups. They had a field army,and a border troops.The basic strentht of the
field army was the infantry regiment. In addition to the fighting regiments they had
doctors, chaplains, and staff-officers assign to them. They were very advanced armies.
Sometimes the regiments would work in pairs. Also, there were barbarian units fighting for
the Romans, but the history of that is inclear.

One thing that set the Roman army apart from all others at the time was the advanced
equipment of that time. They had very srong armour. They were also equiped with sword,
spears, sheild, and body armour. The romans took pride in their equipment. The standard
weapon of the infantry was the spear, and they also wore body armour. Calvary, or fighters
on horses, also used body armour. In addition to fighting equipment soldiers also carried
the neccessary personal gear. They carried water bottles, blankets, food and other
personal possesions.

The preparedness of the army gave it further strength.
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