Rome, Italy Paper

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Rome, Italy

My Trip to Rome, Italy
I had learned I was being sent to Italy in March of 2000 for a machine tool exhibition. I
found out the happy news just before leaving work. Excitedly I jumped into my car and
started my journey home. As I drove home down I-95 through all of the usual evening
traffic I just kept thinking about ho I was going to tell my husband we were going to
Italy. That night I continuously paced the floor looking out of my bedroom window to see
if my husband was home from work yet. As he drove up in our driveway I ran outside to tell
him the good news. I said, "Nick guess where we are going in March?" Before he could even
say where I yelled out "Italy"! Italy, he said with a puzzled look on his face. I then
explained the situation with work and said to him since if I have the opportunity to go I
thought it would be a great idea for you to come along with me. I suggested scheduled some
time before the show for the two of us to travel around Rome. Later that night it was
settled we would schedule a couple of days to tour Rome before the exhibition.

It seemed like forever before we would finally be on our way, but then before I knew it we
were on the airplane and the flight attendant is announcing fasten your seatbelts and
prepare for landing into Leonardo da Vinci airport.

After arriving at the airport we had to transfer to a train that would take us to the city
center. It was about a 30-minute train ride. Along the ride I was getting my first look at
Rome, mostly the colorful countryside with the rows of sunflowers that were so splendid
with bright yellow centers, and green leaves that were so full of life. Just pass the
beautiful field of sunflowers was a small farmhouse made of stone. You could see the smoke
coming out of the chimney and the farmers working their land.

Upon arriving at the main train station, "Stazione Termini" in Italian, the excitement was
building I couldn't wait another minute to see all the sites of Rome. The Colosseum, The
Roman Forum, and the Vatican were tops on my list, and with only a couple of days to site
see there wasn't any time to waste. We stopped at our hotel the "Hotel Bolivar" which was
a small hotel with only 18 rooms. The hotel was off the main road surrounded by other
buildings. The building was old maybe 100 years or more, but beautiful. The wooden
shutters on the windows and the pale beige stone walls were breathtaking.

We decided we would not take a guided tour, but opted to take a more exciting route and we
would find our way around on foot. We left our hotel and started to travel down the
Italian Street "Via dei Fori Imperialli" and there before our very eyes was The Colosseum.
It was amazing just like the pictures I have seen all my life. I found it strange however
that it sat directly in the middle of the street where cars and mopeds or vespas as
they're known in Italy wizzed around it like it was just another building. Walking closer
to The Colosseum we began to see the stone remains and columns of the Roman Forum. In
order for the stone remains of the now vanished temples to have some meaning we had to
purchase a detailed map, but at night when the Forum is silent in the moonlight, it isn't
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