Rome The eltmaent empire1 Essay

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Rome The eltmaent empire1

Rome: The Ultimate Empire

Perhaps one of the greatest cities in the world, Rome was arguably the most famous city in
history. Rome starts to rise in the year 756BC. In 509BC Rome has a treaty with
Carthage, but it was only minor. It takes many years for Rome to conquer anything of
great importance, but during these years Rome is building it's self up.

Coinage was a very important in the rising of Rome. It signified Political leadership,
and economics into the city. Rome differed from the Greek Polis, but Rome did use the
Greeks for there education. Roman families would send their children to Greek schools, or
Romans would buy Greek slaves and use them to teach their children. In Rome the father of
the house was the head of the family. The father had the right to over rule decisions of
a magistrate, and he had the right to deny life or death of a person in his family.
Romans called this power Paterfamilias. Family life revolved around the numen, which was
followed very closely.

The Roman virtues were followed more strictly; people were expected to be courage's,
loyal, and disciplined. Rome was sitting in a very good location; it was sandwiched
between two nations that weren't aggressive so it was very lucky. It also was on very
ferial ground so it could provide for it's self. The Romans also had a senate; it was
formed to put people in charge of law and order, and people in charge of public morals.
The Plebeians were the lower class, but for the formation of the senate they got the right
to take part in government. In 287BC the Hortensia Law gave full equality to all lower
class citizens.

There was a myth that was told in Rome, of twin brothers who were born to the thrown. The
myth says that the twin brother's uncle tossed them into a river, but they were found by a
great she-wolf and she raised and nurtured them and they are the ones that founded Rome.

In Rome there were many great buildings, but the grandest of them all was the Coliseum.
The Coliseum was built in 80AD; it was 14 stories high and held 50,000 spectators. It was
constructed of concrete beams and arch- ways. The opening lasted 100 days, and 10,000
wild animals were shipped in to be slaughtered. Every morning prisoners were feed to the
wild animals and in the afternoon was the main attraction. Gladiators would fight
prisoners to the death and when that was done, they would fight each other. 3,000
gladiators fought to the death for the amusement of Rome. Claudius had little tolerance
for human error, when they would mess up he would order them to be killed.

The gladiators were popular heroes; they took names based upon sex appeal. One gladiator
was named Creskans, he was known as the netter of young girls at night. The gladiators
fought to celebrate death; they did this by killing every thing. The battles were meant
to remind citizens of Roman conquests, and when the crowed used a thumbs up it signified
death. One Roman writer said that

" Romans were only obsessed with two things, food and entertainment."
One other famous building in Rome was the Pantheon. It was the only building to survive
in tact. The Pantheon is the largest building in achent times with a curved ceiling. At
the top of the ceiling is a mammoth opening that is 142ft wide. It is said that the
opening was to celebrate all the gods in the empire.

Rome was a vast city with many buildings, but many of those buildings were for the public.
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