Romeo And Juliet 10 Essay

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Romeo And Juliet 10

Over the past four hundred years, the famous play, Romeo and Juliet, has inspired many
readers across the globe. The classic play, written by famous playwright William
Shakespeare has captured and will continue to capture people's minds.

The main question that rises is why this play has been read for so long. The story
consists of two ' star- crossed '; lovers who fall in love at first sight. One of the main
reasons why this play has been so popular is because stories in those times relied more on
the life and spirit of the play. For generations people saw in this play a reflection of
their own life and experiences.

Another reason why this play has been successful is also because the hints of tragedy
increased the suspense and irony of the play. For example, when Juliet looks upon Romeo
and says;

'O God, I have an ill-diving
Methinks I see them, now
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