Roosevelt - The West and the World Essay

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Roosevelt - The West and the World

America as a whole nation is fighting for the rights of the American people by attempting to preserve democracy.

Franklin D Roosevelt began the lend-lease agreement in 1941. This allowed America to sell,
lease or lend materials to a country that was considered important to the U.S. The
understanding was that after the war was over the materials or it’s equivalent would be

Roosevelt’s “Four Freedoms” speech helped move the Lend-Lease bill through congress well.
Shortly after its passage seven billion dollars in aid was on its way to the Atlantic.
After this passage many American ships were attacked after Roosevelt ordered “Attack any
enemy vessels within the U.S. defensive zone”.

Roosevelt wanted equity for all. He believed in the ability of freedom of speech and to
practice all religions freely. “Americans have a right to freedom from fear”. He thought
that enduring peace cannot be bought at the cost of other people’s freedom. In order to
have all this one must come together with all of its energies, resources and
organizational skills to regain and maintain a free world.

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