Rose for emily1

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rose for emily1

. All her life Emily tried to escape from change. Even the posting of the new mailbox was
unacceptable for her. She acted as though nothing around her had changed her entire life.
Even though death and loss affected her, she seemed to try to avoid thinking about it.
Emily is unable to balance her traditions in modern times. But, the roots of her tragedy
lay in the fact, that neither can the people who surround her in the town. In the story,
Faulkner presents us with a sad tale of a lonely woman, who is only met with
disappointment and grief in her search for love. Emily was a lonely woman. Miss Emily came
from a powerful family. She had experienced a controlling love from her father. That love
only demanded that she abide by his rules and his expectation of her in his lifetime. Her
suitors were all sent away by her father. After failing to marry, she lost the only person
who was her family, her father. After her father died, she met Homer Barron, a Yankee, who
was in the construction business in the town. Finally she had someone to love. They dated
and possibly were happy with each other, but the traditions, customs and prejudices of the
South doomed this affair to end. She could not allow this. Emily could not have lived with
Homer, but she could not loose him, her only love. So she poisoned him with arsenic. She
needed someone to love her eternally, and someone to love. She did not have any family
members to love and nurture, to turn to for love or support. The few family members she
had thought she was crazy, but actually they were even more proud of their position in the
society. They prohibited her relationship with Homer. They pushed her to do what she did.
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