ROTC Essay

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Being a cadet in Campbell Battalion has been a very rewarding experience but there are a
few things that I would change. I think that the first thing I would do is to devise a
more calibrated evaluation system like an ARTEP style system. We would still do blue cards
but this would help evaluators in the evaluating process as well as give cadets a standard
for training. The second thing I would do is to allow the less experienced cadets the
chance to lead more often in military labs. Last year I thought this was not done enough.
The last thing I would change would be to have remedial PT sessions to help cadets to
strengthen themselves in their weak PT testing areas. These would be scheduled at
different times as to allow cadets to go to these sessions at least twice a week.

ROTC Advance Camp was also a very rewarding experience there are many things that I
thought were good and some that I deemed to be bad for cadets. The things that impressed
me the most about camp were the professionalism of many of the cadre. If there was
something that you needed clarification on or needed to know they either knew the answer
or would get you the answer as soon as possible. Another thing I enjoyed about camp was
the integration of male and females in platoons. This allowed many males for the first
time to learn ho to work with females in a military environment, which will probably help
them in the future. The third thing I liked about camp was the individual and team
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