Royal Jelly Essay

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Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly:

Royal jelly is a substance that comes from bees. What exactly is royal jelly and what
positive effects does it have on humans? This paper will answer these questions.

Royal jelly is a milky white secretion produced by the pharyngeal gland of the worker bee.
It is full of a high protein which is, which they feed to the queen and to the youngest
larvae (Towle, 1990).. During the first three days of life all bee larvae feed exclusively
on this special and highly concentrated food. The queens continue to be nourished by this
product, making the queen bee 50% larger than the other female worker bees, and
contribution to her incredible stamina and longevity. Queen bees typically live 4 or 5
years, compared to the workers, who live only about 40 days (Mother Nature Health
Products, 1995 : Smart Basic Product/catalog information, 1999). Believe it or not the
queen bee develops from an egg identical with those that develop into the workers. The
difference between the queen and the workers result in the continuous diet of royal jelly
that the queen is fed throughout her larval development (Towle, 1990).

Many people believe that royal jelly can be effective in humans. Many people believe that
adding royal jelly to a persons diet can help humans also. Royal jelly can halt the aging
process of humans, nourishing the skin and erasing facial blemishes and wrinkles. Royal
jelly has also been used to treat cases of fatigue, and depression. Also growing pains
from adolescence, and in preventing the signs of normal aging (Smart Basic Product/catalog
information, 1999). Royal jelly has also shown evidence of

treating some bone and also joint disorders. It was shown that injections of royal jelly
relieved the arthritis (Go Symmetry Health Page, 1996).

Many other health claims have also been made, such as increased appetite, toned and
strengthened skin, relief for weak and tired eyes, rejuvenation for older people, renewed
power of memory, it helps nervous people to stay calm, helps women be less sterol, and
impotence in men (Turanski, 2000).

Royal jelly has shown it lowers the cholesterol levels of humans. At a dose of 50-100 mg
per day it decreased total cholesterol levels by about 14%. It is also a very strong
antibiotic and also in one study it suggested that royal jelly may have wound healing and
anti-inflammatory activity (Mother Nature Health Products, 1995).

There have been many tests but doctors are not positive of how effective this can be. In
a test of 24 women doctors were testing if royal jelly can in fact rejuvenate the skin.
The results were ten women showed improvement, ten experienced no change, and four showed
symptoms of skin irritation (Smart Basic Product/catalog information, 1999).

What makes this so effective is the many minerals. Royal jelly is the richest source of
acetylcholine. This fluid is important in regulating nerve impulses between nerve fibers
which enhance our ability to think clear. It contains very rich natural sources of B-6
and B-5, which play a large role in the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates (Prominent
Physicians, Scientists and Researchers, 1998). Royal jelly also contains about 36%
protein and amino acids, and also minerals (Go Symmetry Health Page, 1996).

Royal jelly can provoke a allergic reaction, usually in individuals with a history of
allergies. Some reactions can be fatal (Mother Nature Health Products, 1995). According
to Mother Nature Health Products (1995), the first described allergic reaction due to
royal jelly was reported in 1995, suggesting it is very rare. Honey and also royal jelly
both contain very little bacterial or chemical contamination, due to the ability of the
colonies to be able to eliminate small organisms in their environment (Mother Nature
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