Saiyan Essay

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This is where we give you the "Know" on the most important race in DB, the Saiyans or if
you perfer "Saiyan-jins". Here we try to give the answers to which could clear up some of
these Questions like, what's a "Saiyan", or "How Many Stages Goes A Saiyan Have, and
What's The Difference"? Hopeful before this day

is through you will have some idea of what whose "Other Guys" are talking about.^_^

Saiyans In General
Saiyans are a warrior race of very strong fighters. They also believe it or not have a
that enables them tobecome Oozaru. The tail is usually rapped around the waist to avoid
injury in battle. They're from the planet Vegeta that was destroyed by the hands of Freeza
when Goku the main character was shipped to earth. And now only 4 Saiyans (including Goku,
Vegeta, Radditz, and Nappa) survived the horrible fate of theirPlanet. But Saiyans are a
surviving race and won't let this lost bring them down.

The Legend
There is a legend that prodicts that every 1000 years a Super Saiyan will emerge. He will
surpass every limit of any normal Saiyan and have extrodanary power. He will be the most
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