Salem Outline Essay

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Salem Outline

Cassidy Zuver
English Period 3/ Bell
March 22, 2000

The Salem Witch Trials

A. How did these accusations begin?
1. How did they know witches existed?
2. What does the word witch mean?
II.The “Witch Craze”
A. What was the “witch craze”?
1. When was the it?
2. Who were accused as witches? men, women, or both?
III. Religion
A. How did the church feel about witches and witchcraft?
1. Did the priest’s think witches came from Hell?
2. How did Satan play a part in witchcraft?
IV. Witch Hunting
A. What were some of the ways to find evidence you are a witch?
1. Did they have tests?
2. Where did witch hunting take place?
V. Consequences
A. What happens to you if you are convicted of witchcraft?
1. What would be a witches punishment?
Cassidy Zuver
English Period 3/ Bell
March 22, 2000

2. Was there torture involved?
3. Was it able to kill witches?
B. Pumishment
1. Were witches murdered?
2. How were the witches killed?
VI. Salem
A. Were there death’s in Salem?
1. How many people died in Salem
2. What started the Salem hysteria?
3. Were all the accusation’s false?
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