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The Life of a Salesman

Selling means influence. To become a good salesman, you have to bring someone around to
see your point of view. Selling is not just one thing, it's a complex interaction
involving trust, communication and the subtle art of influence. Everyone has a different
personality, family of origin and a different set of abilities, interest and values, and
each person ultimately will have a different selling style that works best for them.

Sales representatives, also called sales reps, sell the products and services of
manufacturers and wholesalers. They look for potential clients or customers such as
retail stores, other manufacturers and wholesalers, government agencies, hospitals, and
other institutions. They explain or demonstrate their products to these clients, and
attempt to make a sale. The job may include follow up calls and visits to ensure the
sale. A door-to-door sales man usually represents just 1 company and sells products
directly to consumers, typically in their homes.

In order to succeed, a business must tell the public about its product or services. This
is when a sales and marketer comes in handy. Your natural abilities have an enormous
influence on your selling style. If you have strong logical and analytical abilities,
then some selling styles will be easier for you than others.

It is said that the best way to test your sales style is to take a sheet of paper and
divide it into three columns. Label the first column "mother" and the second column
"father" and the third column "me." On the left side of the page write interest. In the
first column you write down you mothers past and current interest, and think how all of
her interests are connected. Then do the same for your father, and after you do that you
do yourself. This isn't a fifteen-minute process, it can be very time consuming. Then
think of your two parents who are you closest to?

After all that is completed decide if you mother and father were introverts or extroverts.
Did they enjoy socializing and couldn't live without it, or did they work at socializing.
Did they only spend time with a few close friends or did they branch out their friendship
with many different people. Then decide who's personality that you are closest too. This
is a great way to see from your parents if you would make a good sales man before you even
start the job, and many people do this to see what kind of sales would be best for them.

As of today, there are about 485,000 people who work in the field of sales. Sales
representatives for manufacturers and wholesalers have long played an important role in
the U.S. economy. By representing products and seeking out potential customers, they have
helped in the efficient distribution of large amounts of merchandise.
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