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schhol essay

I drove down the street, turning off the headlights as I proceeded. I made certain not to
use the siren on my way there. I didn’t want to attract any attention if it wasn’t
absolutely necessary. I parked the car on the opposite side of the intersection and
quietly closed the door. Then I started towards the house, doing my best to stay low and
in the shadows. As I approached the picture window, I could see inside. There was a
gossamer curtain hanging like a veil over the window, but I could still see in. There he
was, just like Headquarters said. He had a bottle of V/O in his left hand and a Browning
9MM in his right. I thought to myself, I could shoot him now, except for that woman
sitting across the table from him. I have to make sure I do nothing to endanger her
safety. I watched for a few more seconds as he would point the gun at her and then wave
it back towards me. I wasn’t sure if he knew I was there! I had no choice but to act. I
radioed for assistance and waited in the shadows for them to arrive, all the while keeping
Headquarters appraised of his actions. I thought, “This can go bad real fast”.

Fortunately, help arrived quickly. We were able to enter the house, disarm the subject
and place him under arrest. Nobody got hurt. No shots were fired.

When it was over, the Police Department and the Police Benevolent Association commended me
as “Top Cop of the Year” for 1996, as well as “Cop of the Month” for December 1996. I was
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