School Violence1 Essay

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School Violence1

There are many fatal and nonfatal crimes in our school’s today. We have got to put an end
to all this unnecessary violence. School violence effects the way students perform in
school, hurts many students, so we have to show the solution to stop the violence and
teach the awareness of violent kids in our schools.

School violence effects the way students perform in their school. Students do not want to
show up to class, because of being afraid of fights, stabbing, or shootings. Due to all
the school violence students get a low self-esteem and this makes students feel like they
do not want to go to school. “School violence has turned many of our classrooms into war
zones” (Toch 2). All some students think about in school is fighting and hurting other
students that they do no do well in their classes and many teachers and students hate them
for that reason. Most students can not eat or get sleep, because of being scared to come
to school. Many students concentrate on bringing guns and fighting more than their
academic grades in school. This almost makes learning impossible (2). Violent students
make other students not able to do their work so they get worse grades. Some students
stay in their house and not come out due to the threat of getting beat up or shot.
Teachers also get afraid and that makes the teachers teach in a different way so students
do not get the education that would normally be taught in school (Yogan 2). Many students
do not even finish school, because they drop out so they will not be injured. It shows in
studies that if a school has a lot of violent students that the school academic
achievement and athletic achievement is lower than a school that has less violent

School Violence is hurting students in many ways. Such as it hurts students emotionally.
Students get their items that they own stolen and it hurts their feelings. They worked
hard to get that item that was stolen from them (Thompkins 3). School violence also makes
students so mentally depressed that they commit suicide. Suicides hurts all of the
students when one of them has committed suicide. (3). Female students tend to get hurt
more emotionally from violent students, because that takes criticism more than a male
student takes criticism in our schools. Due to the gang activity students become to feel
mentally depressed. This is because they either do not get to join the gang or are scared
of the gang.

School violence hurts students physically. Students become victims of about 225,000
nonfatal incidents in schools (Thompkins 1). We need to stop all of the violence in our
schools. There are around 100,000 students that carry a gun to school each day (1). This
is a serious sign that there could be a lot more fatal accidents to students in our
schools. Outside of the school 631,000 students are involved with non-fatal crime (3).
There are some students that fight with a gun. This injures students and can cost
students their lives, because the person attends school to learn. Almost every school
there are students that fight and beat up another student no reason at all. (3).

There has been many fatal gun shootings in our schools in the last couple of years. For
example, in Springfield, Oregon, many students were hurt and killed by a gunman (Thompkins
2). In Bethel, Alaska there was a principal and a student that was shot and killed for no
reason at all (“School Violence” 1). More Lake, Washington, there were two students and a
teacher that were killed because of school violence (1). Another bad incident was in
Edinburo, Pennsylvania, there were a couple students that were killed by a gun. Of
course, in Littleton, Colorado there were many students shot and murdered. We have to
prevent all of the shootings that happen in our schools before it is to late.

We have to do the following things to solve the solution of school violence. Our schools
need to help stop school violence. Schools need to offer after and before school programs
to help the kids fit in. They need to have something to look forward to in their life as
a student (Dwyer 6). Many schools are lacking a good principle that care for the students
and their thoughts and this can cause many students to get violent at one another. That
is why it is important we hire good principles. Our schools need to invest some of their
money in alarm systems, metal detectors, and closed circuit television to prevent or stop
students from bringing weapons to school. Schools need to hire high-educated counselors
that help students with their problems and make them feel like an important person in this
world. The school leaders need to treat all of our students with equal respect no matter
what they do and look like (6). If schools have not already done so they should start a
no tolerance policy. (“We ask community leaders about their rising for the future on
assuming safe schools in our region for students and staff” 2). The school staff should
discuss to every student the safety issues. The schools need to install video cameras in
the entrance of the schools to see if anyone brings a gun or weapon of any kind to the
school (2).

The community and the students need to do the following to prevent any school violence.
We should show a positive relationship among all of the students and all of the staff
members. The city police need to be more aware of violent kids and punish them in the
court of law for any physical crime that he or she may have committed. The parents of the
student need to take interest in the student’s hobbies and behavior. This will prevent
any student from committing a crime, because of the consequences they have to pay. We
need to have the ability to express all of our feelings to the school staff and create
ways to have students to be able to share their comments to anyone (Dwyer 7). The staff
needs to teach what to do in an emergency situation in case a student brings a gun to
school. The staff members must not yell and be mean to kids for little things and they
need to grade fairly to every student in the school. Staff members must show no favorites
over students and treat them all with the same respect. Everyone should understand the
warning signs of a troubled child. We need to have ourselves adopt a school (“12 things
the rest of us can do” 1). We must take steps to maintain order, demonstrate respect and
care for each other and get help for troubled children (Dwyer 4). We need to understand
that students typically exhibit many warning signs of bringing a weapon to school, hurting
another student or staff member. We need to make a plan for children who have been abused
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