School Violence Criticism

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School Violence

School Violence

Parents send their kids off to school everyday hoping that their children will make it
home. The school system today is not what it was like fifty years ago, teachers would
disaplin students for talking too much or chewing gum, but today teachers have to wonder
if they are going to get shot for giving a kid a bad grade. Now that might be a little
exaerated but the safety of everyone in a school is not as comforting as it once was. The
trend of school violence began a few years ago and then rapidly increased in almost in a
copycat pattern. Kids that were made fun of or were loners, saw others like them acting
out in redemption for the bullying that they had endured. That began the violent out burst
of school violence and shootings.

Teenage angst and violence have always been around but has grown in recent years. From
school year of 1996-1997 More than half of U.S. public schools reported experiencing at
least one crime incident in school, and 1 in 10 schools reported at least one serious
violent crime during that school year (Burns, 1998).Fifty-seven percent of public
elementary and secondary school principals reported that one or more incidents of violence
that were reported to the police had occurred in their school during the 1996-97 school
year. Ten percent of all public schools experienced one or more serious violent crimes
(defined as murder, rape or other type of sexual battery, suicide, physical attack or
fight with a weapon, or robbery) that were reported to police during the 1996-97 school

Fights without a weapon led the list of reported crimes in public schools with about
190,000 such incidents reported for 1996-97. About 116,000 incidents of theft or larceny
were reported along with 98,000 incidents of vandalism. These less serious or nonviolent
crimes were more common than serious violent crimes, with schools reporting about 4,000
incidents of rape or other type of sexual battery, 7,000 robberies, and 11,000 incidents
of physical attacks or fights in which weapons were used (Burns, 1998).

When it comes down to statistics the numbers become large, but the number of kids that
walk into a school everyday is pretty amazing. The amount of students that walk into
school with guns is also becoming large. Between the years of 1979 and 2001 there have
been 27 school shootings and 14 attemped shooting between the years of 1999 and 2001.
There been 17 adult deaths, 37 student deaths, and 121 wounded people, the range of ages
is 6-18 (promise). In the attemped school shootings 11 students reported suspisous
behavior, 10 weapons were found, 11 plans or hit lists were, and the range of ages are
12-18 (promise). With out a doubt these are figures that would scare any student, teacher,
parent, or principal, which led to this quote; "No matter where you are, parents want
their students to be safe and secure… that might even precede a quality education…
With drugs, gangs, and guns on the rise in many communities the threat of violence weighs
heavily on most principals' minds these days…Anyone who thinks they are not vulnerable
is really naive." (Durso,1997).

The truth is a lot of things that need to be done to make schools safer, many schools have
already began precautions. School Security is one of the most important aspects of
prevention. The most common school security measure is the monitoring of students when
they move through the hallways and in places where they congregate, such as restrooms and
the cafeteria. School staff members have been served as monitors, but increasingly schools
are hiring security guards to patrol the building and to provide security at events. Some
even have police officers inside and outside of the building to ensure safety, I have
since this at my old high school. Probation officers with on- site offices can provide
help to students who have already engaged in illegal behavior.

To keep students from bringing in weapons some schools use metal detectors and others
administer many search a students' body, possessions, and locker. Since there is a strong
relationship between student violence and use and sale of drugs, administrators make
special efforts to keep schools drug-free, through both education campaigns and searching.
The courts have been divided about the constitutionality of searches for either weapons or
drugs, however, and some methods, such as use of drug-sniffing dogs, are being challenged
legally (Green, 1999). Teacher Involvement is a strong way to battle violence, teachers
see who of their students are at risk. Meetings about violence issues are held regularly,
administrators provide information about violent occurrences and responses to them,
involve faculty members in prevention efforts, and listen to concerns. Teachers can also
meet in groups to discuss ways to establish and maintain control of their classroom, and
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