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A week ago from today was obviously a lot different than right now. I was eager, excited
and mad all at the same time. I was so curious what my classes would be like, and I was
also eager to learn some new things. All at the same time I was kind of mad that the
summer was coming to end, and it was time to completely change my attitude towards things.
Since this was the start of the most important part of my life. I always wondered what it
would be like my first day. I had so many questions rolling around my head. Will I be able
to quickly adapt to the new atmosphere, will I like my professors, will I get along with
my other peers? Many questions that were left unanswered made me go crazy until the moment
I finally stepped in to my first class. I walked into Psychology and was refreshed to be
greeted by a very polite professor. I was relieved that part was over with. As I settled
in I realized, meeting other people wasnít that important to me. Iím happy with my friends
here at home 5 minutes away from school. I was just worried about getting good grades, and
learning. Adapting to the new atmosphere took about a week to accomplish. The only thing
that was really hard for me was realizing these classes arenít 40 minutes anymore, itís a
grueling hour and 25 minutes now. It was a bit different at first but now things are as
smooth as ever.

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