Argumentative Essay on Science

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Science is a very very very very very very boring topic, i am going to talk about edward
and how much of an idiot he is and i really think he needs some mental help or he is going
to lose it i hope he does not because that would not be very good if you know what i m,eam
and you should know what i mean because i mean it and i dont mean that i dont mean it i
mean that i do mean it and i hope that eddy gets all the help he needs so he can be
successful in the future, thank you for taking your time to eread this. well it seems that
my words need to reach two hundred and fifty and i don not think that should be so i am
going to the bahamas never hahaha i bet you thought i was going didnt you. anyway i hope
the jets make it to the superbowlbecause that would be sweet lets go yankeeas and i hope
that ballarenas make the pny rund on and on and island off the coast is there. I still
need more words so i am going to keep on typing yes i am yes i am yes i am yes iam. It was
a clear black night a clear white moon warren g was on the street trying to consume some
skirts for the e so i can get some funk just chillen on my ride rollin.

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