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Business Marketing Term Paper
Sears and Roebuck Company

For this paper I will be looking at an old established company, that has re-addressed its
target market. To increase penetration in the market and expand in new markets, Sears has
refocused its market concept. In the past Sears was where your grandparents shopped for
quality product. As they sat back and enjoyed the comfort of their brand name and reaped
the benefits, other companies sliced away at the market with new concepts in advertising
until about five years ago when Sears woke up to a lagging profit margin.

Sears began a recovery to regain market shares lost through complacency. To do this they
gathered their staff and commenced to focus on new innovative techniques to cater to the
needs of their consumers. First they looked at the production which was well established
but could be streamlined. Some items could be eliminated or replaced by other brand name
products to give the consumer a broader choice of items. For example they sold the
Advantis computer branch to IBM when the projected competition would limit revenues in
this area. They also negotiated lucrative contracts with brand name companies for the
exclusive retailing rights for their product, an example of this is the Nordic Track home
fitness equipment in January of this year. They targeted school age children with the new
styles, which they refer to as the “Relaxed Uniformity” which increased sales in July of
1998. This helped bring in the younger and health conscious consumers who did not feel
that the Sears brand name was right for them. This stream lining effort would include
shutting down some of the lagging catalog sales offices. This allowed them to establish
more competitive prices in the market and better returns for their shareholders. This led
to an increase in domestic revenues by 4.2 percent in 1998.

The next areas they looked at were the location of their stores and the placement of the
products in their stores. Some of the older stores which did not have a profit margin
that warranted the expense of their upkeep where eliminated to cut overhead expenses. In
addition, using trend analysis focusing on consumer habits, they took a hard look at the
layout of the stores to see if they could improve sales through a better display or more
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