Seed Romoval Essay

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Seed Romoval


Why do seeds disperse to form new plants? If the seeds simply fell and grew beneath the
parent plants they would be too overcrowded and would be starved of nutrients. So it is
important that the seeds are dispersed over a wide area where they stand a better chance
of finding the right condition to grow. In this experiment I predicted that the red color
of jello would have the highest mean number of seeds removed from the aluminum tin pan.
Also, between site 1 and site 2 of jello set out, site 1 would have a higher total number
of seeds removed. Basically, for this lab we placed ten oat seeds in five different colors
of jello: red, yellow, orange, blue, and green which were molded into an aluminum tin pan.
We also had two controls in which there was no jello. We placed the tin pans out onto two
experimental sites. For a period of seven days, a group member would go out to the sites
(approximately the same time of day) and replace the seeds in each tin pan and dispose of
the old seeds away from the sites. The number of seeds removed from each tin pan was
recorded. A chi-square test was calculated from our data and a p-value of 0.75 was
determined. Results show that the highest mean number of seed removal came from the tin
pans with the jello colors of blue and green. Red being the second lowest mean number of
seeds removed. Also, site two had the higher total number of seeds removed compared to
site one. The calculated p-value of 0.75 indicated that our data was statistically
insignificant. There could have been many factors influencing our results since we are
dealing with nature.


Flowering plants reproduce themselves by producing seeds. The seeds also provide the
plants with a way to spread out and grow in new places, sometimes a long way from the
parent. This is important because if the seeds are not dispersed, many germinating
seedlings will grow very close to the parent plant. This results in competition between
every one of the seedlings as well as with the parent plant. The competition is for light,
space, water and nutrients. All of these are important for plants to be able to grow. (3)
Seeds can be dispersed in a number of different ways. They may be carried by wind, water
or animals. Thus, the reasons why we are calling this experiment as "seed removal" not
"seed predation". In this experiment we used five different colors of jello as our medium
to place the oat seeds in. I hypothesized that the medium that contained the red jello
will have the most seeds removed from it because of its high wavelength value, which is
most visible to birds. (2) We placed the tin pans in two locations, one with bushes/trees
around it and the other in open flat land. I also hypothesized that the location with
bushes/trees around it will have more seeds removed from the jello because of predation
living nearby in the bushes/trees. The animals wouldn't have to go far from their home to
find food.

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