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Throughout Seinfeld's eight-season stint on network television the show and its creator's
have stereotyped everything from young Puerto Rican boys to Jewish Priests. The main
stereotype of this sit-com is the very florid portrayal of the generational age groups of
the characters. The main characters represent the beginning of the Generation X culture.
The parents and relatives of Jerry Seinfeld and that of George Costanza present the
presence of the members of the Silent or GI generation. Throughout the television series
we have seen the elderly as stereotypically helpless individuals with little or no
purpose. The character's Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, Elaine Benes, and Cosmo Kramer,
represent the Generation X culture. These half-witted characters are often unreliable and
uncaring about the society they live in. These characters often care about nothing more
about life outside their own. The stereotype of these characters and the success of this
very popular television show have contributed to the media's wide usage of stereotyping
generations. The article, "My Inner Shrimp," can be directly correlated to George's
eccentric ego trips with his problems with shortness, unemployment, and baldness. George's
character is often portrayed as a very loud, very rambunctious person who is often seeking
to be on top.

Elderly: Helpless or Not

Throughout the series we have seen the elderly characters of Seinfeld often being absent
minded, senile, and often helpless. Jerry's parents upon retirement moved to the sunny
state of Florida to bask in their retirement. This proves to be a very common nomenclature
among senior citizens. Throughout the nation many retired citizens have been moving
eagerly across the country spending their hard earned money and moving to much more
appealing climates. Throughout the show Jerry's parents often try to impose money upon him
even though he never request any money from his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Seinfeld often
believe that Jerry is living a life of poverty and that he lives a very inadequate life.
Throughout our nation the elderly have often saved and saved countless dollars so that
they may have a better life and provide their children with the sustenance they need to
live a very adequate life. Mr. and Mrs. Costanza are often portrayed as very senile
individuals. George's parents often tend to exaggerate things outside the spectrum they
should really include. One certain episode can attribute to there senility. During the
Seinfeld's visit of New York to see their son Jerry, the Costanza's graciously ask the
Seinfeld's to accompany them to dinner at their home. The Seinfeld's regretfully decline
because of previous engagements, the Costanza's proceed to slander the Seinfeld's because
of their declination of dinner plans. The Costanza's felt as if there was some ulterior
motive for them declining to dine with them. This is an excellent example of how the media
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