SelfEsteem Understanding the Concept Essay

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SelfEsteem Understanding the Concept

Self-Esteem: Understanding the Concept

Psychology 101

Self-Esteem: Understanding the Concept

Whether people know it or not, everyone has a self-esteem, but some
have better grasps on it than others do. Most people's self-esteem
judgments are based on what they value, their beliefs or interests,
and the attitudes that they have (Beane, 1993, p. 6). Therefore it is
impossible to escape the notion that someone doesn't have a self-esteem.
It is whatever they make it out to be, but not only do they choose their
own self-esteem, but others have a big part in deciding it as well.

I have two friends who are totally different in every aspect, especially
their self-esteem. My one friend Karis has a high self-esteem; she gets
good grades, is the star of the volleyball team, and has loving parents.
Davina on the other hand, has a low self-esteem. She's not as bright
a student as she wants to be, nor does she play any sports, or have
loving parents. Her mother and father divorced a few years back, and
Davina has been forgotten ever since. She lived at her best freinds
house for a few years to finish schooling, as her father took off with
her little sisters and her mother moved away to start a new family.
Since her abandonment, Davina hasn't been the same. She is afraid
to speak in class, always scared that others will make fun of her.
Her grades used to be good, but now she has no confidence that she
can pass the tests. Gym is a nightmare as Davina is reluctant to wear
shorts, always professing that she is to fat. She will only sit with
her friend! s at lunch, to frightened to go out of her way and make
new friends, and she never smiles. Davina is convinced that everyone
talks about her behind her back, and when a teacher asks her a question
she slinks back in her chair, afraid of the snickers she'll receive
if she gives the wrong answer. Self-esteem involves an individual's
sense of self worth (Beane, 1984, p. 6), and Davina seems to have none.
Self-evaluations of a person physical appearance are defiantly linked to
self-esteem (Baumeister, 1993, p. 95), and Davina hates the way she
She's a beautiful girl and she'd be so much prettier if she smiled once
in awhile, but Davina doesn't believe her peers. What a person thinks
himself or herself is going to show through their attitude and behavior
(Beane, 1984, p. 26). It is also determined by what others think.
Friends and relatives can have a great impact on what a person thinks
of himself or herself. This can either be good or bad, and in Davina's
case, ! it's awful. Since her parents walked out on her, she seems
untrusting of everyone except her closest friends. Even then it is
hard to get through to her, I think she has given up on herself, making
her self-esteem lower than is already is.

Karis has nothing but warmth and love at home. Her parents help her
study, commend her on her grades, and always brag to their friends about
how well she is doing juggling both volleyball and school. On the
refrigerator door her parents have put up all the carefully cut out
newspaper clipping's that show Karis playing volleyball, her place on
the honor roll, and the pictures of her being inducted into the national
honor society. This certainly brightens Karis's spirits as she sees
how proud her parents really are of her, and I believe that this is a
big part of her self-esteem. Having her parents there for her around
clock really helps. It is very obvious that her parents are proud of
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