Essay on Sense and sensibility

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sense and sensibility

Sense and Sensibility was the first novel written by Jane Austen
and it reflects the views and ideas of a young girl of
twenty-two. It includes autobiographical elements, as do other
novels written by her. Jane Austen had only one sister,
Cassandra, and the two were very attached. The connection that existed
between Jane and Cassandra is to be found between Elinor and
Marianne. The two women of the novel also resemble their real-
life counterparts in their nature and attitude. Elinor possesses the
good sense of Cassandra and the cordiality of Jane. Marianne
displays Jane's love for reading, music and dance. The setting of
the novel is also based on actual locations. The Dashwoods'
cottage at Barton in Devonshire resembles Jane Austen's house at
Steventon in Hampshire.

Jane Austens' novels were written in a familiar territory and did justice to it. All her
novels are written in and around London, the city Austen was familiar with. She writes
about families belonging to the upper-

middle class, to which she herself belonged. The problems her
heroines' faces were similar to those faced by the girls of her
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