Shakes Essay

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2.Elements of Fate
Throughout the play, there are several occasions
which may either be interpreted as manipulation of
Macbeth's character, or more dramatically as prophecies
of his inevitable destiny. The most important of these
elements are the supernatural witches. When Macbeth first
meets the Witches (I.iii.) - seemingly by accident - they
call him titles which have not yet been bestowed upon
him. It is unclear whether the Witches plant the idea of
earning these titles by foul play to Macbeth's head, or
whether it is a prophecy of future. Either way, their
words eventually become reality.
The further encounters with the Weyward Sisters and
Hecate strengthens the idea of a preset destiny. The
three apparitions summoned by the witches (IV.i.) and the
prophecies that go together with them are all visions of
the future. Unfortunaly for Macbeth he manages to read
these manifestations of his destiny all wrong.
Another important 'fatal' element for Macbeth is
Lady Macbeth. She is also heavily manipulating Macbeth
(II.ii.), although she does not have the supernatural
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