Shame on You Essay

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Shame on You

Shame on You

It seems that the average family is spending more time going out to fast food restaurants
than eating at home. With more Americans eating out, obesity is at a new high. With the
ever rising obesity problem in America, fast food chains are being pointed out as the ones
to blame. Who's at fault? Is it the consumers or the companies making the unhealthy food
readily available? While eating out is becoming the easiest alternative to a sit down
dinner at home, the effects of too much fast food can be harmful and sometimes deadly to
one's health. It is too easy to place the blame on the companies when the one making the
decision to eat out is the consumers.

Supply and demand is simple and easy to understand. Broken down it means this: supply is
the product the companies have and demand is what the consumer wants. If the consumers
thought that they shouldn't be buying unhealthy foods they wouldn't put any money into
that product. Once that product stops making money, the companies reevaluate what the
needs of the consumers are and then market a new product. Since fast food restaurants are
still very much in business, the demands of their unhealthy products are still high.

An important factor with Americans gaining more weight is that as they are eating more,
they are exercising less. Some people can get away with eating McDonalds everyday because
they work out everyday too. But, the majority of us don't take that time out of our day to
get rid of those extra calories. Can we blame fast food companies for our laziness? It
wouldn't be fair for us to place the blame on them. We make our decisions based on our
wants and needs. If going to eat a Whopper is on our to-do list but running two miles
after work isn't, which one will we more likely not do? An article in the Boston Globe
titled, "Finding Fault for the Fat with Two-Thirds of Americans now Overweight," states
that "few Americans are dragged into KFC at gunpoint and forced to order a bucket of fried
chicken (perhaps the way Homer Simpson likes it, with extra skin)." (Askt, par.28). This
author points out that while more of us are eating unhealthy who is making us walk through
that door and order the fattiest item on the menu?

Another factor in overweight Americans, especially children, is the parents. Not just
adults are becoming bigger as time goes on, children are getting larger too. Many kids
spend their time playing on the computer, watching T.V., or playing video games. Now the
habits you have made for yourself have been passed down to your child. Except for one
important thing; your child can't drive themselves to the fast food restaurants. If your
child's only option is to eat where you have stopped and that place is Wendy's what else
can they do? They could order a salad and a plain baked potato right? But, what did you
order? If you ordered a double cheeseburger with biggie fries your child will probably
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