Shoeless Joe

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Shoeless Joe

Reviewing a TV show or movie

The Simpsons is undeniably the best show to ever be shown on television. Every episode is
a timeless classic, subtle Simpson's humor and doesn't depend on common jokes that so many
rip-off cartoon shows and sitcoms use today. It is original, and no other show can ever
top its humor. The characters are all amazingly funny and they always think of the most
surprising and hilarious things to say. The Simpsons is one of the few shows that have
managed to retain its popularity over the years.

Bart pulls a prank at church, resulting in a punishment for himself and Milhouse. They
have a conversation about it, and Bart tells Milhouse that he does not believe in souls.
To prove it, he sells his soul to Milhouse for $5, well actually; he sells him a piece of
paper with "Bart Simpson's soul" written on it. He notices that animals are afraid of him
and automatic doors don't recognize him. Bart continues to notice that he is different. He
loses his ability to laugh at senseless violence. He tries unsuccessfully to get his soul
back from Milhouse. Bart has nightmares, so he goes on to beg for Milhouse's help.
Milhouse does not have the soul anymore; he sold it to Comic Book Guy, who then sold it to
an unnamed person. Bart is relieved to discover it is Lisa, and she gives him back his
soul. Bart is back to normal, metaphysically.

A major reason why it's maintained its popularity is because of its overall quality. While
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