Should Cell Phones Be Outlawed While Driving Essay

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Should Cell Phones Be Outlawed While Driving

Even though I don't personally own a cell phone, I have at one time. I've noticed that
talking on a cellular phone while driving doesn't make it hard to be distracted. It only
takes a second for a car to drift off the road or into another lane and crash.

A study recently published in the Journal of Amerocan College Health looked at the
association between near-accidents and accidents among college students and talking on a
cell phone while driving. The paper was written by Dong-Chul Seo, a lecturer at Indiana
University Bloomington's Department of Applied Health Science.

Seo analyzed responces fron 1,291 college students at five universities in four Midwest
states during 2002-2003. Seo said 34 percent of the college students experienced car
accidents resulting in property damage or injury. Another 30 percent had near accidents.

Of the 762 reported accidents or near-accidents, Seo said, 21 percent, or 159, involved
drivers using a cell phone while driving. The reasons for the cell phone related accidents
were talking while driving (45 percent), attempting to dial (20 percent), attempting to
answer (13 percent), and a startling ring (7 percent).

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