Should the government’s have the right to control Essay

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Should the government’s have the right to control information which is accessible to the public?

The issue about the government’s right to control information which is accessible to has
been widely debated. It is an imperative subject because it poses fundamental litigious
questions which may affect the liberty of an individual in their community. Different
arguments have been articulated concerning this issue. These include arguments in favor of
favor of the status quo, others for the complete control of information, or for absolute
liberty of the citizen information, while some are indifferent. This essay will argue on
behalf of government limitation of access.

The government has many roles in society. These consist of assurance of public order,
promotion of pervasive well being, maximizing individual freedom and intellectual
potential, and maintaining cultural traditions. When any of these principles especially
that of protecting social order is being violated, the government should have the
authority to restrain accessible information to the public if it incites a violent act.
Violence the worst human act of cruelty, is defined as “injury or damage by rough or
abusive treatment”. Violence has been tolerated and forcefully used throughout history,
but over the last two centuries social rejection against it has rapidly spread. If
admission to unrestricted information that could provoke aggressive behavior persists,
incidents of violence may increase. Such information as child pornography can and has led
to vicious crime.
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