Paper on Sigmund Freud

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Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud believed that man like all other animals is born with strong instinctual
urges. He felt that civilization and society must repress men and women or else the
instincts would run our lives and we could not live in a cohesive social group. This form
of repression is good, but Freud sees a danger. In his view, the mind must repress certain
urges but too much repression can cause emotional or physical damage as the mind struggles
with itself. Civilization and its Discontents applies these basic principles to society at
large. Repression in the form of the super-ego (conscience and guilt) is internalized and
established. The individual mind is controlled by others such as authority figures,
religion, school, family, and parts of himself--the super-ego (these directives from
authority form the basis of the super ego). The Super-ego consist of all the orders and
directives of a given culture and family environment. Freud sees that men are becoming
more and more repressed as we grow more civilized and that something has to give hence the
name of the essay Civilization and its Discontents. This built up repression has to be
released, either in the form of emotional or else physical damage. It is also
Freud’s impression that religion is an illusion and a wish fulfillment. It allows
mankind to tolerate their repressed life in society. He bases all of his beliefs on
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