Simone De Beauvoir

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Simone De Beauvoir

Simone De Beauvoir - Essay Pd. 6/7

Throughout history, women have been portrayed as the passive, subdued creatures whose
opinions, thoughts, and goals were never as equal as those of her male counterparts.
Although women have ascended the ladder of equality to some degree, today it is evident
that total equalization has not been achieved. Simone De Beauvoir, feminist and
existential theorist, recognized and discussed the role of women in society today. To
Beauvoir, women react and behave through the scrutiny of male opinion, not able to
differentiate between their true character and that which is imposed upon them. In this
dangerous cycle women continue to live up to the hackneyed images society has created, and
in doing so women feel it is necessary to reshape their ideas to meet the expectations of
men. Women are still compelled to please men in order to acquire a higher place in society
- however, in doing this they fall further behind in the pursuit of equality.

All people are forced to see themselves as society has shaped them, both male and female.
Although progress for gender impartiality has been made, it can still be said that
societal maxims enforce the incorrect notion that women are inferior to men. In matters of
economics, women are offered far fewer employment opportunities, and I believe that this
can be validated by the fact that many women have been conditioned to "marry well and let
him take care of you". Unfortunately, this is often times a tempting choice, and as a
trade-off women are content to settle for a less rewarding profession, leading to a
downward spiral. As Beauvoir states, "Parents still raise their daughters with a view
toward marriage rather than to furthering her personal developmentā€¦in this way she dooms
herself to remain in lower levels, to be inferior". The stigma of needing a man to fulfill
a woman's life is inaccurate and narrow - it is a tremendously dangerous example to
propagate to young girls.

Male influences shape women's appearance, behavior, and overall place in society. Women
are taught how they are expected to look, think, and act, which leads her to be seen as an
object in men's eyes. Her archetype is difficult to fulfill wholly, but still, I feel that
women want to please men so that they can feel acceptance. Women need power and respect,
and in her hapless quest for equity she often succumbs to the discrimination of male
opinion, if only to gain some standing within society. Because she knows that when she
cracks the shell and climbs inside the world, it is then that she can become domineering,
even manipulative, to obtain what she wants. The "good graces" and approval of men will
ensure financial, social, even emotional security (in business, marriage, and various
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