Slavery in brasil Essay

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slavery in brasil

Because certain forms of slavery had existed for centuries on the continent of Africa,
Brazilian historians used to say that blacks imported from across the Atlantic were docile
and ready to accept their new status as slaves. This assertion is based on the unwarranted
assumption that was true of a limited area of Africa was typical of the continent as a

All slavery in brazil was essentially the same depending on the task or the labor the
slave had to preform. In many cases the slaves was there to perform labor that was
deplorable to the nobility. The Peninsulares born on the Iberian peninsular or even
Creoles born in the Americas. During the 1500-1800's there were shortages of women from
the peninsular. Some of the Conquistadors got married to the elite women of the Inca or
indigenous women and a different class was born mestizo. There were even some cases that
the house slave bore children for the master. The master was the father of the patriarchal
society where the man was dominant. In other cases of slavery it depended on the
region or the kind of work the slave had to do. Whether the slave worked on a Fazenda
small plantation around a mill or an Engenho a large mill with Senhor de engeno a leading
member of society . They had to have skilled workers to work the mill mostly women
occupied those positions. The sugar cane estates and fields were worked by manual labors .
In the cities the workers had to be very skilled to work as artisans, shoe makers and
repair men. There were slaves that worked to pay of their debt to landowners they were
called Peons. There was a strong market in brazil for beef especially dried beef because
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