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Lets see here, how should I begin? Slavery is wrong. Yes a lot of people support it but
very few want to speak out about it. Slaves were defined as "things", and could be bought,
sold, traded, given as gifts or pledged for debt by their owners. Some slaves even sold
themselves to pay debt. A person being sold doesn't seem odd to you in any way. Oh yes I
forgot there skin is of slight variation from a white mans. What I'm getting at is that in
the constitution it says, "every man was created equal", therefore why is a colored man
being treated as he is. I guess that doesn't go for blacks. I mean they are so different
from a white man. They have two arms and two feet just as the white man. The only
difference is the skin color. No one ever gave any blacks a chance to read or write so
they just assumed that they should be just "hands on the farm."

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