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Tyree White


Specific Goals: I want my audience to understand why institutionalized slavery ended.


I Can anyone of you imagine owning a slave? Can anyone of you imagine being a slave? Regardless of

your answer, slavery no longer exists as an institution. Why?

Thesis Statement: Technological advances brings an end to institutional slavery.


1 In the 1700's Britain emerges as a superpower.

A. The British Industrial Revolution was the height of technology.

1. The Industrial Revolution loosened the grip of slavery.

2. The Industrial Revolution created a new class of people.

3. The Industrial Revolution allowed Britain leisure time.

B. Britain's naval power on the high seas.

1. Britain's ability to control the shipping industry.

2. Britain's ability to indirectly control governments.

II The combination of industrial and naval power bring an end to the slave trade and slavery.

A. In 1807 Britain outlaws the slave trade.

B. In 1832 Britain outlaws slavery.


1 Technology ended institutionalized slavery by giving freedom to human physical constraints.


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