Sleepy dog Essay

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sleepy dog

"Sleepy Dog"

I remember many important reading experiences in my life. I was interested in reading at a
very young age. While most young children despised reading, and preferred coloring
pictures or hot wheels, I was fascinated with reading from the start. I used to observe my
parents at the kitchen table while they read the newspaper. I was always interested in
what was going on. I would always walk over to them and I would ask them what all the
different articles said. The only things I could identify were the pictures. I can
remember many experiences when I think about it. There is one experience that sticks out
in my mind.

I was about 5 years old. My mom ordered the book from the school, one of the book order
deals that was sent home. My parents used to let me order books I thought I would be able
to read. The name of the book was Sleepy Dog, by Harriet Ziefert and Norman Gorbaty. My
mother read the description of the book to me, and I loved the picture of the dog on the
cover. I couldn't wait for the book to come in. This process was always a great surprise
too. When I finally got the book, I never remembered ordering it, so it was a great
surprise to just receive a book when I went to school.

Sleepy Dog was a book for beginners. I was still working toward reading, being I was only
5 or 6 years old. The book was great. I needed help the first few times I read it because
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