Smoking in public places

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smoking in public places


Smoking is a topic I feel strongly about. Not only is it a nasty habit but it is also
harmful to your health. Smoking in public places should not be allowed because it is
inconsiderate to those who want to lead a healthy life.

Here are a few facts about cigarettes. The tars found in cigarettes are carcinogenic,
which means cancerous. To name just a few, some tars that are found in cigarettes include
benzyrenes (which is the chemical in rat poison), aromatic amines, chrysene, phenols,
cresols, carboxylic acid, metallic ion, radioactive components, pesticides and additives.
The gases from cigarettes are carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrosamines, vinyl
chloride, formaldehyde, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen cyanide, ammonia and pyridine. More
importantly, let us forget last but not least that the nicotine that everyone wants to get
high off of is actually the natural insecticides that plants make. So in reality they are
smoking and getting high off of insecticide to only name a few. There are over three
thousand chemicals in cigarettes including the environmental smoke that comes from them.

Since there are a large number of smokers in spite of the harmful risks to their health,
it is difficult to avoid being in their presence and being affected by their hurtful
habit. This brings about the question of to what extent is passive and side stream smoke
harmful to other. People may not realize how second hand smoke really affects nonsmokers,
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