Soaps Essay

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Soap Operas
What forms of pleasure can be found in viewing the continuous serial on TV?
The continuous serial is more commonly known as the soap opera, and is peculiar in that
each episode cannot be watched and understood on its own; the viewer must watch the
episodes before and after to understand what is happening. According to Brown the soap
opera has 8 typical characteristics (see appendix 1).

Television is becoming an increasingly important part of society. We have more televisions
in our homes, and on those televisions there are more soap operas for the viewing public
e.g. EastEnders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Neighbours, Home and Away, Brookside,
London Bridge, and HollyOaks. Individuals undoubtedly get a lot of pleasure from them, and
although the soap opera is viewed as entertainment, there should be a cautious approach to
this view, because television is an influential part of our society. In this essay I will
look at the pleasures and the consequences.

Escapism is one form of pleasure. The soap provides an outlet for an individual to escape
the responsibilities of their own life. As soon as the familiar theme music begins the
viewer is transported to another world, although Mike Clark poses the question (page 19)
‘What sort of escape is it that constantly refers to the very issues that may be
troubling the viewer?'.

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