Social Problems With America

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Social Problems With America

Social Problems in America

Many of Americans today do not take the time to realize that our nation is little by
little falling apart. Our leaders are corrupt, our environment is being destroyed, and
there are thousands of children being born each day. The three major social problems
facing the American citizens in the 21st century are births to unmarried woman, being able
to trust or government and or leaders, and lastly destroying the environment.

The first major social problem facing America today is the crisis of births to unmarried
woman. In "Straight Line to Calamity" George Will writes, "rising illegitimacy is a
self-reinforcing trend because of the many mechanisms of the intergenerational
transmission of poverty. The principal one is: People tend to parent as they were
parented."(228). During the 60's and 70's a lot of people were having unprotected sex.
This age in time most people were not worried about getting pregnant so they didn't wear a
condom to stop the pregnancies. This led to many unwanted pregnancies at early ages for
girls. They were bringing up children when they were barley coming out of their teens. As
the children were growing up, as Will states, the children were following in the parent's
footsteps. Most young parents really do not understand how to raise a child properly,
meaning that they would raise their children the


same way they were brought up in the 60's and 70's. Later in the essay Will states; "Two
supposed signs of the "crisis" are America's high rate of infant mortality and low rate of

immunization of preschool children."(228). Many of the children that were being born were
either under weight or not strong enough to survive. The use of drugs during this time was
heavy, and this resulted in many infant deaths. The large-scale deaths to infants were due
to the large number of teenage pregnancies, many of which were "born dead". It is hard for
a doctor to save a child that weighs less than 2 pounds and cannot breath on its own. Due
to the increasing number of teen pregnancies lead to a population growth in America. In
"Divine Revolution" Vaclav Havel writes, "Humankind today is well aware of the spectrum of
threats looming over its head. We know that the number of people living on our planet is
growing at a soaring rate and that within a relatively short time we can expect it to
total in the tens of billions."(254). Havel is seeing the whole picture when referring to
the population growth, not only unwanted pregnancies. He sees the world becoming
overcrowded and he believes we need to do something about it. He uses this essay to give
us a revelation to wake up and save our planet from the destruction we are placing upon

Secondly, trusting our government and its leaders is another problem facing American in
the 21st century. In "The Circle of Governments" Niccolo Machiavelli states, "As the human
race increased, the necessity for uniting themselves for defense made itself felt; the
better to attain this object they chose the strongest and most courageous from amongst
themselves and placed him at their head promising to obey him."(230). I take this
statement to mean that ever since the beginning of time we have


put the biggest and smartest man at the helm of our nation. This may not always have been
the best way to choose a leader. Many leaders now and today's abuse the power

giving to them by the people. Not knowing what a person is about a chosen just on
appearances and smarts is a big misconception of American people. You should always study
a person past to find if they abuse power because it might always hurt you in the long
run. Later in his essay Machiavelli states, "Such were the beginning and cause of
disorders, conspiracies, and plots against the sovereigns, set on foot, not by the feeble
and timid, but by those citizens who, surpassing the others in grandeur of soul, in
wealth, and in courage, could not submit to the outrageous excesses of their
princes."(231). This is an example of a man having too much power. Because of a mans
wealth and social status he used his power to make disorder in his kingdom, which lead to
conspiracies. Trusting ones leader is a major part of having a united nation. If many
citizens of a nation cannot trust its leader it will lead to revolts by the people. Our
leader that used drugs as a young man, cheated on his wife, and is involved with Watergate
is a fine example of not being able to trust ones leader. Our President has lied under
oath in front of millions and we are supposed to trust him? In our next election please
take the time to do a little research on the public figures which you vote for.

Lastly, destroying our environment is another social problem facing Americans in the 21st
century. In "The Divine Revolution" Havel writes, "We also know that we've been destroying
the environment on which our existence depends and that we are headed for disaster by
producing weapons of mass destruction and allowing them to proliferate."(254). Havel sees
our world as a time bomb waiting to go off. Our world's


nations have been producing weapons off mass destruction for years. While the cold year
was going on many off the top nations in the world were producing bombs. Were any off

these nations thinking of the future? What are we supposed to do with these bombs now? You
cannot just set these off anywhere because off the fallout it has not people and the
environment. Later in his essay Havel states, "We must develop a new understanding of the
true purpose of our existence on this earth. Only by making such a fundamental shift will
we be able to create new models of behavior and a new set of values for the planet. In
short, it appears to me that it would be better to start from the head rather than the
tail."(255). What Havel is trying to tell the people are that we need to change our
attitudes towards our planet. The people of our nation need to change their behavior
towards out planet before we don't have one left. We depend on our environment for many
resources and it depends on us to live as well. The way we treat our environment will in
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